Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hezbollah cracked Israeli military radio

Scary stuff. It seems that Hezbollah, in its latest battle with Israel, was able to hack into Israeli military radio and were consequently able to track Israeli troop movement and other strategic plans. The Israeli radio system is based on a U.S.-designed system which uses rapid frequency-changing and encryption.

It may have been that Israeli forces did not follow proper procedures, which allowed the surveillance by Hezbollah to occur.

The most striking thing about the story at the Jump is that Hezbollah, commonly considered a terrorist organization, had/has all the characteristics, tools, and skill of a national military force. About the only thing they don't have (yet) are nukes.

It's either time for Bush and Company to take all these guys out or figure out how to make nice with them. Walk the Talk or STFU.