Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Former Enron CFO Andrew Fastow gets 6 years

Crime does pay. The mastermind behind the financial shenanigans at the once-seventh-largest company in the nation pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges, facing a 10-year term. He gave up $30 million, too.

Apparently, the judge got part of that money, since he sentenced Fastow to only 6 years yesterday, in part for helping to convict Kenny Lay and Jeffrey Skilling.

Do the math: Thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of investors, all bamboozled by a few unscrupulous megaomaniacs at the top of the org chart. For this, the top dog dies, the second top dog becomes a drunkard, and the third in charge gets a measley 6 years.

I would rather be murdered or robbed at gunpoint than to be defrauded in such a way. These guys are worse than the FBI's most wanted, that's for sure.