Friday, September 08, 2006

Microsoft teams with Pennsylvania to create high tech high school

Microsoft has teamed up with the state of Pennsylvania to build and run a new high-tech high school, featuring "educators" (teachers), "learners" (students), smart boards (techie blackboards), laptops for all, and wireless connectivity throughout the school.

The school opened yesterday. Most of its 170 students are black and low-income, according to the CNN story. They will be taught normal high school courses using various new high-tech methods, along with Microsoft management techniques.

It's an interesting experiment. I hope it works. I agree with Bill Gates: "High schools are obsolete." They're pretty useless these days for the majority of students. Only those students who have found a passion for something (and how many 13-18 year olds have done that?) can excel in today's high school setting.

It's unfortunate that we spend over $300 billion on a stupid war but cannot seem to find any money to send more kids to college or to pay their "educators" a living wage.