Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Representative Richard Pombo is one of the top 20 most corrupt members of Congress

One of my favorite politicians to chastise and ridicule is Richard Pombo, member of the U.S. House of Representatives. As a kid, I can remember driving out to the Central Valley and seeing all the "Pombo" real estate signs. Out here, Pombo is a very well-known and well-connected name. Rep Pombo's family owns a ton of Central Valley real estate. They're ranchers by trade.

Pombo's corruption ranges from taking money from Jack Abramoff (I wrote Pombo a letter deploring his association with Abramoff and Tom DeLay and he wrote back saying they're fine gentlemen, so we know he's corrupt by that response alone) to taking money from Indian tribes to taking money from Tom DeLay to taking money from taxpayers to pay for a federal highway through his family's property.

Get the picture? He's always taking money. The Pombo family is a bank that takes deposits but never allows withdrawals.

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